2011 St Mary's School Extreme Teams Challenge

Client and venue: St. Mary's School, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Client requirement: St. Mary's were looking for a number of activities for the Upper IV (year 9) students who were starting the new autumn term. Many of the girls were returning from the previous term, however there would be a large in take of girls joining the school for the first time. The activities were to be inclusive and encourage the girls to get to know and work with each other.

Solution: Designed and delivered 5 team adventures, to be undertaken within 24 hours, for the entire year group. Each adventure provided the opportunity for a new team leader and would test core life skills such a time management, communication, planning, problem solving and team work. A variety of adventures were designed to challenge the girls cognitively, cerebrally and physically in a fun and engaging way. 

September 2011

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Client feedback:

'We were very interested in the event’s potential to encourage bonding and inclusivity. With a large intake of pupils at 13+, our aim was to ensure that all students were given the opportunity to bond and broaden their friendship horizons. The fun and challenging activities provided certainly delivered what we were looking for on that score, and much more'. Gill Cork - Head of Middle School, St. Mary's


'Our pupils hugely benefited from this experience. They were required to lead, be independent and resilient, all characteristics that we value highly at St. Mary's'. Richard James - Headmaster, St. Mary's


See St. Mary's School report: